Muster FAQ

What is Muster?

A: Muster is a time-honored tradition at Texas A&M University which celebrates the camaraderie of the school while remembering the lives of Aggies who have died, specifically those in the past year. Muster officially began on April 21, 1903 as a day for remembrance of fellow Aggies.

Is the Muster on campus the only Muster Aggies can attend?

A: No, there are around 300 Musters world wide. If you go to  you can see the closet Muster near you.

Can anyone host a Muster?

A: Yes, If you go to: it gives you step by step instructions on how to plan a Muster.

How do I know where my loved one will be honored/called at if they do not meet on- campus requirements?

A: Usually the person will be honored at the Muster location closest to their last known address. If you would like them to be honored somewhere else, you will need to get into contact with that Muster Chair and let them know you want them added to thier roll call list.

What are the requirements to be honored at the on-campus Muster?
  • Students currently enrolled at Texas A&M University College Station, Qatar, Galveston, Health Science Center and Texas A&M University School of Law Members of the 50-Year Reunion Class of 1967
  • A former student with an immediate family member* currently enrolled at Texas A&M University.
  • Former students who lost their lives while deployed serving on active military duty within the past year.
  • Texas A&M University faculty and staff of long tenure

*Immediate family members include: spouse, parents, grandparents, siblings, children, and grandchildren.

Does the Muster Ceremony have to resemble the on-campus ceremony?

A: Not at all, it is your preference on how you want to honor the Aggies that have passed. It can either be a candle lit ceremony or a domino game with some BBQ. Either way people are getting together to remember and honor Aggies who have passed away. The Muster Website provides extra resources; poems, songs, and videos that could be shared at your Muster.

What is the difference of Charterd Clubs vs. Non- Charterd Clubs regarding Muster?

A: The chartered clubs get one free mailer a year, most of the chartered clubs use this for Muster invitations. This way they do not have to pay for Invitations or the address labels. This is one of the benfits for becoming a chartered club, and The Association of Former Students is happy to cover the cost!

The non-charter clubs do not have this benfit and do have to pay for invitations or labels if they decide to make thier own invitations. The cost varies with how many invitations are being sent out, or how many labels made.